ObjectForms flavors

While ObjectForms approach is quite generic and can be possible ported to some different environments / platforms, there are two versions that should cover quite a broad range of applications :
  • Web application version
  • Mobile version
The Web application version is built around popular Google Web Toolkit, which we feel is pretty special and stand-out framework thanks to unique Java-to-JavaScript compilaton, which can result in very efficient applications that can be hardly matched by any other technology.

Mobile version targets Android platform, which became a premium Java based environment. In the recent time, Android is really a OS of choice of many device manufacturers and mobile operators, with the market share expanding radically. While it is very hard to target majority of devices in this very fragmented industry, ObjectForms for Android would give you pretty decent user base.

The Android version is nearly ready and will be available for download in the coming weeks. The web application version is still under development (there are some quite complex issues as current version of GWT still lack runtime reflection features) and will be published at a later time. Can't wait ? Write us !

While the implementation of both versions is quite different, the API for both is more-or-less identical, so it is much simpler to write application for both web and mobile realm with ObjectForms.